Hugo Boss Hugo Eau de Toilette

20,000 JD


Hugo Boss Hugo Eau de Toilette – Option Gift Shop – اوبشن للهدايا قسم العطور الاصلية

Hugo Boss Hugo Man Eau de Toilette is a distinctive fragrance for men who want to live their life on their own terms.

Created in 1995 by perfumer Bob Aliano, Hugo Man is an icon of perfumery due to its original blend of intensively fresh scents and masculine woody notes. Upon first spray, this refreshing fragrance strikes with the crisp and unmistakable scent of green apple .

before settling down into middle notes of aromatic sage, geranium, carnation, and jasmine. Finally, a spicy drydown of fir, cedar, and patchouli rounds out the fragrance with a sense of assured masculinity. Pale blue in color and presented inside an original bottle shaped like a flask, this eau de toilette is perfect for truly unconventional men who believe that rules are made to be challenged.


Directions :

Apply Hugo Boss Hugo Man Eau de Toilette to your pulse points; on your wrists and neck, but also behind your ears, or even behind your knees. Then, allow for the fragrance to dry without rubbing. In order to enhance the longevity of the fragrance, apply a neutral or matching body lotion beforehand

عطر هوجو من هوجو بوس

 وهو أحد العطور التي ترتكز على روائح الخضراء العطرية ، وظهر هذا العطر في عام 1995م
يحوي العطر في مقدمته على اللافندر والتفاح الأخضر ، والنعناع والجريب فروت ، اما في منتصفه فيحوي على القرنفل ونبات المريمية ونبات الغرنوقي ، وفي قاعدته فيحيوي على اخشاب الصنوبر  والبتشولي وطحلب السنديان ونجيل الهند العطري